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Knob Creek Distillery

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Knob Creek Single Barrel

Warehouse: P/ Floor 05/ Rick 31 If you like the smell of the Rickhouse, this is it. This pick is exactly what a bourbon should be. This barrel has been sitting in Kentucky rickhouses for 10 years 1 months 14 days. This barrel had our name written all over it. One of the main profile that I always get from Knob Creek is nuttiness, almost like smelling an inner core of a peanut shell, wood, tobacco, and leather. This 10 years old bourbon clocks in at 120 proof yet drinks easy and not afraid to show its character. Taste of caramel, sweet corn, toffee, brown sugar, spices and cinnamon as it sits in your mouth. Reminds me of red hot candies dipped in caramel. Finishes with sweetness and leaves behind leather and tobacco notes with long finish. In the future i will be requesting more barrels from this exact same floor & rickhouse. Please give your rating and thought when you try this bottle. Much love. Cheers!

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Knob Creek 15 Years 750ml


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Knob Creek 12 Years 750ml


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